The importance of improving tools manufacturing technology

2018-02-04    Sinic Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd.    Read:18

  In the economic construction of rapid development of contemporary society, the laid of traffic and transformation, all kinds of mining exploration and development, the construction and development in the field of energy, the foundation of the construction project of the demolition and reconstruction, the construction of drilling bit tools in various engineering fields such as widely needs and quality requirements are increasingly high. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of science and technology and the world with the rapid development of industrialization, drilling equipment constantly updated continuously improve and upgrade, in the large power drilling equipment has been the introduction of new products, combined with the modern social competition makes people's consciousness of cost savings and improve constantly, from all walks of life of drilling tools product variety and quality in its performance, also put forward more requirements. Is human development in the process of drilling and the application of drilling tools and production has played a very important role, it is a tool for human conquest of ore, also is one of an important means to obtain energy, without it, there is no industry further development. Drilling is a relatively long and thin shape of drill pipe and a hardness of high alloy bit combination. During the drilling operations, drilling in the drilling to abrasion and corrosion of various kinds of mine water. Under the high speed impact drill power drilling tools to keep under all kinds of forces such as "tension, pressure, bending force, torque, reaction and so on. The above reasons, cause the service life of drilling tools is very short, usually only ten minutes the longest can only use the status of the dozens of hours, in the current human society all steel tools manufacturing, technical requirements for drilling in the drilling is very high. How to improve the manufacturing technology of drilling tools has become a very important topic.


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