Cross bit - the most widely USES a drill bit

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   Cross bit - the most widely USES a drill bit

  In the field of cutting and drilling, drill bit is indispensable, and there are a variety of different kinds of drill bit, usually according to different needs, different application scope to classify, such as cross, spherical, a word, and so on, has the very strong performance of mining. In these types of drill bit, there is no doubt that cross drill bit is one important type, the most widely application scope, is the earlier. Cross drill bit is a kind of commonly used mine drill bit, it has many advantages and characteristics. Cross bit of radial abrasion resistance is strong, mainly because of adopted the high quality hard alloy and steel and so on the hardness is more outstanding, can according to various hardness strong, such as granite and marble, a digging equipment is very good. In addition, this kind of cross bit requirement for rock is very low, no matter whether there is a crack, whether are not sensitive to homogeneous, exploitation of mining condition threshold is low; And the applicable scope is very wide, can be used for most of the rock drill cross drill head, can satisfy the need of various drilling, and also is a kind of of all kinds enterprise preferred products. Cross bit itself is divided into many kinds of types, specific mainly choose according to the conditions of the rock cross drill bit type. Common are S32-722, S40-722, and S36-722, the S60-723, etc. In some extremely hard, crushing and fracture rock conditions, the drill bit has very good application effect. Industry application of cross drill bit is relatively broad, its function and performance is critically acclaimed in the industry, many models can completely meet the needs of all kinds of cutting and drilling, excellent performance, hardness is strong, is a kind of drilling equipment is more rational.

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