Open-air jumbo drill bit tools

2017-02-06    Sinic Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd.    Read:1

Mining jumbo in open pit mine, quarry, widely used in water conservancy engineering, infrastructure construction. The car mostly single arm drill structure. Equipped with an automatic drilling advance arm in brazing mechanism, can store six arbor drill rod. Mining drill rig is used to drill down to the blasting hole, hole depth are mostly in 15 to 20 m. Drill bit tools are mainly used by R32 thread, R/T38 and ST tube set of drilling tools and other products. Mining jumbo drilling should possess the following characteristics: Of the rod body fatigue strength and rigidity: mining drill rig with more high power hydraulic rock drill, high impact, high torque, strong propulsion way of fast drilling, hole have higher strai ghtness is also required. Therefore, drilling rod body must have good energy, high fatigue strength, not easy to bend and the characteristics of corrosion resistance. Drill bit good corrosion resistance, the effect: mining jumbo drill bit alloy and steel are required to have enough hardness and tughness, also require powder groove design is reasonable, to achieve the effect of row of powder flow. Connection thread cooperate, corrosion resistance, good ablation: mining drilling through the thread form combination into a set of drilling tools, high impact energy to stress wave formation in the drilling group, if cooperate with poor in thread, easy to produce high temperature corrosion, erosion phenomenon. Reasonable drilling bit geometry: drilling to choose according to different types of rocks in different drill bit. Therefore, the design of the drill bit and geometric structure to suitable for all kinds of rock drill.

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