What are the matters need attention of anchor rod drilling tool use

2017-02-06    Sinic Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd.    Read:1

Anchor drilling tools we all need to use a lot of areas, but in the process of using anchor drilling tools we still have a lot of things need to be aware of, if not good attention to these matters, it is in the process of use is likely to damage to anchor drilling tools. Understand the precautions we can better use of anchor drilling tools. First, before using anchor drilling tools, we need to ensure the stability of the roof and coal states, only to ensure its stability, we were able to safety of operation, otherwise it is dangerous. We also should pay attention to don't put the anchor drilling tools in the ground, if on the ground, ventilation of the wrong operation is very easy to happen. Second, when using anchor drilling tools for drilling, it is best not to use hands to grip drill pipe directly, we need to wear gloves, otherwise it is dangerous. There are a lot of work is needed first, in the first place when we also need to balance drilling rig, if the balance is not easy to a problem. Equipment may also hurt us. Third, the use of anchor drilling tools in the process of drilling, thrust, had better undertake to uniform if thrust uneven sticking, it will be easy to split blade sometimes happen. In the drill down, we don't directly put his hand on lap top gas, it is easy to hurt hand. When loading or unloading drill, we should keep balance. For anchor drilling tools as long as we grasp the correct method of use, can not damage equipment and myself, to ensure the safety of their own. But the operating equipment position also is very critical, if improper operation, the oneself also vulnerable to damage, and the work efficiency will be affected.

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