Drilling operation in the use of the method and the environment's influence on

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In the process of the use of the drill rod, its service life and wear degree and the method of drilling have a close relationship. It also involves several aspects. A, the type of rock drill to drill the influence of different Rock drill is divided into two kinds of pneumatic rock drill and hydraulic rock drill. Hydraulic press force on the drill rod is smaller, and will continue to exert force time longer. Gas and motivation to exert force on the drill rod is larger, and continuous reaction time is shorter, thus it can be seen in the use of two different kinds of rock drill in the process of damage than hydraulic pneumatic rock drill to drill rod. But in China, because of the characteristics of the cost and easy to use, generally USES the pneumatic rock drill. Second, use different size of the power drill to drill wear are also different The work rate, the greater the force toward a drill is also bigger, at the same time, the speed of the footage if too fast of drill wear and consumption will also increase. The same specification and performance of the drill rod using low power drill can prolong its service life. Three, rock properties of the influence of different service life of drill rod is different also When the quality of the rock hard rock drill USES a larger power, force transmission to the drill rod is larger, when the soft rock quality, if you use a power is the same, then the reverse back force with a higher hit rate, the greater the sky to play when the drill rod also had the largest tensile stress, damage. In the process of drilling operation using a drill to have a more appropriate propulsion, the size of the service power to and quality of hard and soft rock, the combination of to further improve the service life of drill rod.

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