The ball tooth drill head best equipment of modern drilling technology

2018-02-04    Sinic Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd.    Read:19

 The ball tooth drill head is one of the main equipment in the field of drilling, drilling performance good, hardness is strong, effects of various drilling USES are very prominent. Itself passivation cycle is very long, so can deal with all kinds of the hardness of drilling needs, according to the relevant technical indicators, the wear life is about ordinary drill bit for 5-6 times.   Use the ball tooth drill head can largely reduce the development cost savings can have very good effect. And is conducive to saving auxiliary time,reduce artificial cost of labor, to quicken the progress of the project and speed, so take a different diameter and specifications of the ball tooth drill head can according to different types, different intensity of rock excavations.      

The ball tooth drill head, has been widely used in all kinds of rock cutting, with professional jumbo, to improve the efficiency of the drilling, biggest degree is typical of modern drilling technology equipment, often the best match is the ball tooth drill head and hydraulic drilling car,the best effect, can meet various engineering needs.    

In recent years, domestic and foreign development block, the ball tooth drill head it as hydraulic drilling technology matures, has become a more mainstream auxiliary equipment, this equipment is in order to improve the drilling speed, for the purpose. The main industry is divided into several types: latent bore log drill bit, screw thread connection column tooth bit, taper connecting column tooth drill head, etc.   To sum up, the ball tooth drill head is one of the representatives of the current drilling equipment, its role is not only limited to ordinary cutting and mining areas, more suitable for all kinds of high strength of digging engineering, with more efficient cutting efficiency, long life cycle and service life, to be able to get extensive application in the market.


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