The fatigue life of drill rod of relevant knowledge

2018-02-04    Sinic Rock Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd.    Read:25

All kinds of large equipment are used in mining, which is one of the more common drill rod, especially in the mining and build all kinds of high hardness of rock, drill is indispensable. In simple terms, it is a kind of consumption device, so the combat fatigue and life has very strict requirements, the following is to discuss the factors may affect the service life of drill rod.   Drill rod used in high strength rock digging itself, often damage because of various reasons, such as by various hard objects or weight will be wear and tear;

The strength of the damaged beyond the scope of the bear, will damage, also can greatly reduce its useful life.   At present our country on the quality of the drill rod can't and foreign compared to some of the products, the stability is doing is not good enough, so its service life is relatively low, it has become one of major factors that limit the development of the industry in China. So are those factors affect the drill rod fatigue and life? Here are simple to discuss, how to improve?   First, improve the geometric structure parameters of the drill rod, the focus is on lower stress levels, improve the anti-fatigue performance of drill rod.   Second, it's failure analysis, in use process by compression, torsion, impact drill, and so on, but also by the wear on the surface of the rock, high level of scour, mine water corrosion and so on, these are the factors affecting the service life of drill rod.   So we usually practice is to choose excellent on craft material, improve the ability to wear, impact resistance, which is more popular in the industry, the process is quite important, of course, this is the current domestic focus on drill rod production enterprises.


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